Students and teachers from partner countries had their 1st meeting in Emmeloord to participate in the activities for Erasmus Plus Project between 5-9 November 2018. They participated in the following activities:
    At Emelwerda College and attended the project opening meeting. Students made presentations to introduce their cities and schools. After school tour and icebreaker (by PE teachers) all participating students were taken to the towns of Noordoostpolder, Schokland and Urk and listened to the known tales and legends in these towns from the history teacher. 
    Tuesday 6th: Students and teachers participated in the workshop on IT tools, requirements were discussed through the Twinspace. The pages associated with the project were explained and all the partners were informed about how to use and edit the website.  Then the students were divided into groups for drama rehearsals to revive Dutch tales. In the afternoon, all students worked on designing the project logo in groups.
    Wednesday 7th: All teachers and students were taken to the city tour of Amsterdam, where the guide teacher accompanied the group in the historical sites and gave information about the regional legends. Following the tour of the canal, the group toured the house of Anne Frank. Before the trip, the group attended a workshop about Anne Frank and the important historical events of the time. 
    Thursday 8th: Students attended some lessons at school. With the techniques they learnt, the guest students created their own products. Then teachers conducted the second project meeting while the students were having their drama rehearsals. In the afternoon the entire group went ice skating in Heerenveen and met women who won the last Elfstedentocht, which is a national sports event with a rich cultural history.
    Friday 9th: The logos that were designed were presented by groups in the computer class. All logos were voted and the logo to be used in the project was selected. Afterwards, Erasmus Plus corner was updated with gifts from the guests. The students attended the presentation of video creation / technology usage given by one of the partner students. After the final rehearsals for the drama activity, small groups of students performed different Dutch tales. During the final dinner at school all the participants and the host families spent the last evening together sharing their experiences from the trip and learning about each other’s cultures.