The group arrived in Holmestrand on 9 Feb,2019 and were picked by the hosts.The students spent the day with the hosts and had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a new culture by participating in the tours organized by the parents and following the routines of their daily life. The teachers visited the house Edward Münch in Asgardstrand and were guided and informed about the painter and his period.They toured the Haugar Art Museum and had the opportunity to see the works of other artists influenced him. 

    Students and teachers met at the host school Hof Skole on Feb 10 and attended the opening and welcoming ceremony. They made their presentations introducing their countries, cities and the schools and got to know each other more closely. While the teachers held the project meetings at school, the participants started drama rehearsals under the supervision of the teachers to prepare for the performances. The rehearsals were performed in groups of mixed students from each country. Then, all participants participated in the sport activity by taking cross-country skiing lessons from the authorized teachers.

    On Feb 11,the project meeting of the teachers and the drama rehearsals continued. The whole group went to Oslo. They first visited the Nobel Peace Center, accompanied by a guide and listened to the history of the Nobel Peace Prize and the story of the winners in 2018. They then toured the area where all the past award winners were exhibited. They played Treasure Hunt in mixed groups in order to see important structures and areas of Oslo. Finally, they visited the Opera House and returned to their homes.

    On Feb.13, drama rehearsals and project meetings were held. All students were included in the rehearsals for the prom night held on the same date of the school every year and guest students attended the rehearsals for the school dance. All students, teachers and host families came together to perform the plays and had the opportunity to learn about different cultures. The students did a very good collaborative work by guiding tales of their countries. The host families had made cakes and everyone had a nice time together after having watched the performances. The principal handed out certificates to all the participants.

    On Feb.14, all groups and teachers participated in the video editing workshop and worked in groups to create common products. The Erasmus Corner of the school was updated by the group. All participants were taken to the Midgard Viking Center where they were informed about the history of the Vikings and the findings of their past lives and lifestyles. They also tried some “viking sports” and ate soup in a replica of a viking building. All students and teachers attended the school dance at night and witnessed a traditional event and the whole group had the opportunity to have a good time together. 

    The groups traveled from Gardermoen Airport to their countries and completed the project mobility on Feb.15.