"Getting to know the man:

  • "Getting to know the man"

    On Thursday, March 28, 2019 we had the pleasure to host at our school Mr. Evangellos Avgoulas, a young lawyer, blind by birth, in the framework "Getting to know the man". The aim of this programme is to bring into action and stimulate the citizens to change their attitude towards invalid persons and incorporate them in everyday life. The aim of this programme is also to remove prejudice against young people with disabilities and help them to be placed among their fellow citizens on equal terms.

    Evangelos' presentation and introduction about everyday routine and the difficulties he faces made our students realize the hard reality of being different "Being informed, familiarizing ourselves, becoming conscious, thinking different, changing my mind and attitudes".

    It was a lifetime lesson which we hope will create a new communication code, building through direct contact, true relations of understanding, respect and acceptance.

    It will also strength the meaning and role of society, the good fellowship and conscience while at the same time it will promote our faith in ourselves and the other persons.