I-V. 2019. Activities in Greece

  • The Metropolitan Orchestra of Athens 
    "Right in Music"

    We nn love Sofia!!!

        On Thursday 24th January, 2019 we were honoured and happy to host at our school the wind insruments band of the Metropolitan Orchestra of Athens. 
        They presented us the interactive educational project "Right in Music". The concept is as follows: the wind band of the Metropolitan Orchestra of Athens, which consists of about seven musicians, give short concerts (about one hour), playing well-known musical pieces, not at the original Music Hall of Athens, but they visit schools and special places where people in need live or gather and they offer a really interesting, one-hour interactive performance, which really turns out to be breath-taking!
        They perform at schools, schools for children with special abilities, orphans' homes, children's hospitals, schools in downgraded areas, health institutions, etc
        The Metropolitan Orchestra of Athens believes that music is not a luxury for the few but a blessing for everybody on earth!