Meaningful use of videos


    Our project has been trying to reach its goal of raising students' motivation to study and learn STEM as a bridge to the current world by various means, one being the meaningful use of video clips.

    There are more than 80 video clips in our project’s YouTube channel at the moment. Video is a powerful medium. And students' unrelenting fascination with video clips has been motivating many educators to find ways to leverage them for all kinds of purposes. From making to editing, from watching to re-watching, there are numerous ways of using video clips in the classroom. Have a look at some main points when using the video clips we create during the project for learning:

    Here is the template that we have used and will use to create the learning activities:

    Learning with YouTube - Learning activity.pdf

    Here is the template we have used and will use to give feedback after implementing a learning activity:

    Learning with YouTube - Feedback form.pdf

    Lessons using the learning activities are presented throughout the TwinSpace of our project - visit the pages to find them and use them with confidence when they fit your purposes!