Evaluation of the project

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    Magazine disseminating some workshops that have been developed in Madeira


    A mag created with Madmagz.


    I introduced the web 2.0 tool , storyjumper for one of our activities, chain story. My students learned how to use it and wanted to create one for their feelings. They used the laptop and t introduced themselves and texted their feelings.They added their photos and created an e-book for their evaluation and feelings. Here the link is: https://www.storyjumper.com/book/index/50481546/untitled 

    Students evaluation for the project in Aksaz

    8 students took part in avaluation activity. All of them told that their interest in science increased as a result of this project.

    When they asked as the most important contribution of this project to them: 51% of ss told that their self-confidence and entrepreneurship increased.

    25 % of Ss told that they had the opportunity to meet their foreign peers and to chat with people from different cultures. 12 % of ss mentioned that the biggest contribuiton was for their foreign language skills.12% of ss told that they have learned many scientific truths through experiments that we have done. 

    The most popular activitiy was the chain story. Online meetings and the introduction of the project at the cinema hall follow it.

    75% of the students showed that they really want to take part in new etwinning projects next year. The rest says that they want to take part in etwinning projects too.

    All these results show that students had improved their skills in different areas and they are interested in different activities, however all of them want to take part in new etinning projects. That shows the importance of project based learning!



    Here is the link for the students' parents' evaluation on our project


    You can watch the video showing some results of this project for my students