Learning/Teaching/Training Activities in Madeira, Portugal

  • Our LTTA in Madeira were in May from 26th to 31st May




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    Digital Security is important above all. We have promoted some workshop for kids as well.

    Internet safety addresses three main risks faced by children online. These are contact, conduct and content risks. 

    • contact risks involve children talking to unknown people on the internet. Contact risks also include the harvesting of children’s data, such as recording their activity on an online game

    • conduct risks are about behaving respectfully online and learning to manage digital footprints

    • content risks are concerned with the type of material children view and consume when accessing the internet.

    For pre-school aged children, content risks include accidentally viewing inappropriate content such as pornography. Content also considers the quality of material made available to children. How people are represented in society is mirrored back to children through the media they consume.                               

    Romanian student Titus Baja presents VIRTUAL REALITY TRAVELS - following the workshop in Madeira: