Christmas online workshops

  • Christmas workshop lead by the students of the Primary School of Zervochoria Greece

    Christmas workshop_orange candle, ─░skitler Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi, Ankara, Turkey

    Christmas workshop_Christmas Tree, ─░skitler Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi, Ankara, Turkey

    Estonian students participated in Christmas Workshop and made the paper plate Christmas tree and an orange candle. Thank you, Fina and Marleene for these great ideas! 

    Aksaz Turgut Reis Primary school took part in the workshop leaded by Austria and made a candle by using some oil and an orange.

    Students of the Primary School of Zervohoriajoined to the Christmas workshop leaded by the Austrian students

    Col·legi Sant Josep , Navàs. Catalonia.

    Pupils in grade 4 followed the Austrian school with the workshop about the "orange candle"

    A good experiement which allowed them to show it at home to their parents and friends.

    We also followed and leaded other Christmas workshops with pupils in Grade 5: The paper plate Christmas tree!

    Tode Hadzi-Tefov Primary school

    The students of Baku European Lyceum participated in Christmas workshop how to make Christmas kits.

    The Romanian students watched the videos and worked on a worksheet when revising giving instructions in their English class. Here is the worksheet:

    Worksheet Austria - Making a candle out of an orange.pdf

    And here you can see how some Romanian students did on the worksheet:

    The learning activity is described here:

    Here is the .pdf file of the learning activity form:

    Learning with YouTube - Learning activity Orange.pdf

    The feedback form after conducting the activity is here:

    Here is the .pdf file of the feedback form:

    Learning with YouTube - Feedback form Orange.pdf