• Dissemination "All different, al the same" Ceip Abencerrajes  Granada, Spain

    -The students who have participated in this project, 4 years and Primary 2nd, have kept the permanent mural updated with the help of the teachers. This is in a clearly visible place, in the school  stairs, in order to inform to the Educational Community of the different  activities that have been carried out in this project.


    -There is a blog "We love English"dedicated to the teaching of English and to the diffusion of our European Programs. Here not only the members of the Educational Community are informed, it is a dissemination tool which transcends the walls of  our educational center. 
    Also in that site all the activities that students have done within the current project eTwinning "All different, all the same" 
    are housed. Click on this image to see it.


    -"Ideal en clase" is a provincial digital magazine of education. In this post you can read about the recognition of eTtwinning School and the provincial dissemination of the two etwinning projects are currently carried out in our school. Click  on the image to read more.


    -Training university students. The university students, who will be teachers, were involved in our eTwinning projects during their training stage in our school.



    Dissemination "All different, al the same" CEIP Serrano Clavero, Requena, Spain 

    -Publications on the Facebook wall and pages of the AMPA of our school: 


     - Post on a local digital newspaper from Requena. The article talks about two recent eTwinning projects done in our school and the awarding as an eTwinning School:


    - Exposition of the collaborative poster "We´re all Elmers" in a corridor in our school:


    - Stand in the school market on the International Autism Day in our school:




    - Teacher training in our own school and two more nearby schools.