Nikiforos Lytras on Storyboard! 




    Traditional music from Greece

    This is the  Karaoke version


    Δημιουργήθηκε με το Padlet

    First movement from Porto Garibaldi


    Movement from Spain

    Clapping from Mestre

    The 6th movement from Reunion Island


    Here (in the link following)it is in black and white.If you click on the image it change becomes colorful automaticaly!!!!

    Nikiforos Lytras (GreekΝικηφόρος Λύτρας; 1832, PyrgosTinos – June 13, 1904, Athens) was a nineteenth-century Greek painter. He was born in Tinos, and trained in Athens at the School of Arts.

    Christmas carols

    Under the sweet light of a full moon, five children sing the traditional christmas carols. The landlady enjoys the innocent melody standing at the doorstep of her house, with her baby in her arms. One of the most famous artworks of the leading Greek Master, Nikiforos Lytras