Our Project: Traditional Clapping games as a cultural bridge.

  • PROJECT TITLE:  Traditional clapping games as a cultural bridge.


    This project aims to bring traditional clapping games to the forefront of our curriculum by offering a different approach to lessons allowing them to be more interesting and stimulating for the pupils. Children love interactive songs and through this project we will learn coordination, body awareness, rhythm and teamwork. We will work music, art, values, PE in a crosscurriculum way and English, as the means of communication between teachers and pupils.  We will focus on the use of ICT tools to improve and advance in New Technologies.



    The main objectives of this project are learning the language of sound, our and others traditional clapping games and to collaborate each other in European mix teams.

    Improving English language skills.

    Promoting language learning and linguistic diversity within our schools.

    Developing computational thinking skills

    Advance in the use of ICT tools.

    Participating and collaborating in teamwork

    Working the own culture and partner´s one.

    Promoting among our schools, the developing of the civic competence, through intercultural dialogue, creativity, tolerance and cooperation, participation of all members of our communities, including disadvantaged groups.

    Increasing tolerance through the understanding of culture diversity.

    Developing or imitating different movements and actions in response to a variety of ideas, moods and feelings.


    This is an interdisciplinary project which uses music and percussion movements to share traditions, not in a stereotypical way, but rather to celebrate the unique identity as European citizens.



    Before the project stars we will communicate through e-mails, videoconferences and google apps. Working together, all the partners have written and accepted the different points of the project. Coordinators are available at all times to answer any questions via Internet or if it is necessary by phone using Whatsapp, facebook or skype. Mail addresses have already been exchanged between the different partners.

    Each partner will be responsible for promoting the project in their neighbourhood, organize meetings with people to share the activities and if it is possible, they will be in touch with the local media.

    Pupils can access to twinspace by personal account and parents will be informe about that. Pupils work in transnational groups.

    We will make etwinning teams. Mix pupils from each country and we will give them a task.


    Partners create the project and discuss the activities schedule.


    Introducing countries, towns, schools, teachers and pupils. Sending postcards and cards about our town.



    Choosing our eTwinning logo.

    Create international groups and mixed ability teams.

    Each school choose a traditional clapping games and work on it.


    Share videos where pupils are playing their clapping games.

    Sending Christmas cards or New Year Eve proposal

    January and February:

    Learning the others traditional clapping games.

    March and April:

    Creating an eTwinning clapping game in transnational groups.


    Sharing our new games. Dissemination (ebook, blog, website, e-calendar)





    At the end of this project, pupils will publish their common works on twinspace.

    e-Book with the traditional clapping game from each country and the new ones.

    e-Calender with our pupils works in the year.

    New clapping games to play with others.

    Project website

    Project blog if it is possible.