March and April

  • Glitter Words
    This next activity is the last which was planned in our Project. Creating a New clapping game in Teamworks. 
    Creating a New clapping HOW?

    1. Choose a traditional or popular Music from your country.
    2. record pupils of your Team doing a clapping movement for this Music. Give a short English lyrics for this movement. Short sentence. Upload it on twinspace. Partners will add a movement to your clapping and go on with the lyrics.
    3. choose a famous picture (we talked about it in our last online meeting) and send a copy of it in back and White to partners. The idea is pupils of your Team in different countries colour it in a creative way.
    4. Using thinglink We will make the collage with the colour images and add the vídeos of each pupils movement on it.
    5. At the end, We will have Six New clappings (each clapping with Six different movements) and We will have worked a famous painter in history.
    6. Using a  tool like StoryBoardThat, give short informations about the painter.

    The lyrics Could be about the artist. It is up to you. Easy lyrics, easy movement.