The project consists in creating a collaborative digital book about the most characteristic plant species in our different countries and environments, including their gastronomic and medicinal uses. The groups of students will be of different schools and they will collaborate finding the information (plant description, scientific name, common name...

9. Dissemination

On 25th June, at IES Bajo Cinca, we gave a talk to the parents to disseminate all of our European projects, Erasmus+ and eTwinning.


IES RIU TÚRIA (Quart de Poblet, Spain) is working on dissemination. We have made a Prezzi presentation explaining the process of the project, available in:

We have also showed our work in the lobby of our School during these days in which many parents visit it:

The information of the project has also been published in our website: 


On 6th June, all the teachers involved in etwinning projects at IES Bajo Cinca school,  gave a talk to our colleagues to show our projects and encourage them to participate in etwinning.

This is the letter we sent to the families of IES Bajo Cinca pupils before starting the project.

IN TURKEY, BY ESKİŞEHİR FATİH FEN LİSESİ; The Project Poster was designed by pupils to present the project very easily and informatively.


In Turkey, the project information was first announced at school website.

The project poster was prepared and presented to public at the exhibition at ESPARK, which is a very popular department store in Eskişehir.

The project was also presented at the TUBITAK Science and Project Fair which was organized at Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi in Eskişehir.



The project outcomes; 3 digital books were uploaded into school website:

An etwinning live event was created by Asuman Baş to disseminate the project outcomes.

An article published on the Kuressaare Vanalinna Schools website:




A brief article in the school annual magazine... (EPADRPL, Portugal)

The dissemination poster...

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