1. About The Project

  • About the Project:

    The project consists in creating a collaborative digital book about the most characteristic plant species in our different countries and environments, including their gastronomic and medicinal uses.
    The groups of students will be of different schools and they will collaborate finding the information (plant description, scientific name, common name in English and their own languages, main habitat conditions, culinary uses and medicinal uses) about the plant species they are assigned.


    - Social skills: collaborative work with students from other schools
    - Use of digital collaborative internet tools 
    - Scientific skills: learning the main characteristics of the kingdom Plantae and how to describe them. Assess the importance of scientific names of species for the scientific community worldwide.
    - Learning about other cultures by their different styles of cooking
    - Language skills: communicating in English and appreciating the diversity of languages in Europe

    Project Process:

    Teams of 6 students (2 from school A, 2 from school B and 2 from school C)
    Each team will be assigned 3 species (one species for each couple)
    The couple of school A will be responsible of:
    .general information about the assigned species (picture, scientific name, name in their mothertongue, brief description, habitat, geographic distribution)
    .common name in their mothertongue and gastronomic use of the species assigned to the couple of school B
    .common name in their mothertongue and medicinal application of the species assigned to the couple of school C.
    Successivelly, each couple of students of a group will fill the complementary information of the other couples of their group.
    The dates will be from March, 12 2018 to June 8, 2018
    Initial activities of warming up and getting to know all the students are planned.
    There will also be a contest to choose the best cover page design.
    Final assessment of the project is also planned.

    The expected result:

    The digital book "The plants around us" will be published on the internet and will have public access.
    The website of the school will inform about the project and will have a link to the publication.
    The families will be informed and will have access to visualize the activities of their children.