The project consists in creating a collaborative digital book about the most characteristic plant species in our different countries and environments, including their gastronomic and medicinal uses. The groups of students will be of different schools and they will collaborate finding the information (plant description, scientific name, common name...

Project Journal

  • I wish you a nice summer full of good things. This is my last (until now ;) contribution to the project, a summary video about all the activities we have worked on. A pleasure to work with you. Enjoy your holidays!!

    - Posted by Amaya Alonso Cabria, 19.06.2018

  • The year course has finished and also our project. It has been a really nice experience that we hope to repeat.
    This is the farewell video created by the students from IES Riu Túria (Spain). We wish the best for you in the future. Thanks for share with us this experience.

    - Posted by Isabel García Ferrer, 16.06.2018


    survey results_plants around us.pptx

    - Posted by Amaya Alonso Cabria, 13.06.2018

  • It has been a really nice pleasure to work with you, teachers and students. We have done together a nice work! Here you have the final result!

    - Posted by Isabel García Ferrer, 12.06.2018

  • It's been a pleasure to participate in this etwinning project! Students and teachers from IES Bajo Cinca wish you good summer holidays!



    1º B-C_reducida.jpg

    1 BC bilingüe_2.jpg

    - Posted by Sonia de Dios Soldevilla, 12.06.2018