In this activity we will find out more about our countries.



    1. Make a board game for your partners with the most interesting information and facts about your country e.g flag, money, the name of president and so on and so forth.

    2. The board game and the questions should be separately to print them easily.In the picture below you find an example.

    1. Questions should have at least 3 options to choose from. It will be easy for us to play the game.

    2. If  you want, you can use one of the patterns of a board game provided in the folder BOARD GAME in the Materials section or create your own board. It's up to you.

    3. Upload the game here and add it to a special folder entitled BOARD GAME in the Materials section. 

    TED KAYSERİ COLLEGE SECONDARY SCHOOL- Our board game is READY! The questions are on the game and also we've added the document for the questions  with the options in the materials.Have fun!

    In the meanwhile that you are waiting for our boardgame, here is a kahoot version of it:


    Our board game is finally finished. Here is a board game and here are also the questinons. You will need the game master because the right answers are marked.




    Dolyna school 6 with advanced study of subjects,



    Our Board Game "Admire Ukraine" is ready! You may download the doc from the materials or herefrom and print it. But we made it another way. You have to find answers in the internet, while you're playing. Don't worry, it's easy. Enjoy playing the game;)





    Before you start the game print the board, cards with twisters and questions devoted to Poland (3 sheets of paper). It's a set for one group. Each group should consist of 3-4 players.  Every group has its own set of questions and twisters. You find them below. To print the board game go to the Materials section or click the right button of your mouse on the image below and choose the OPEN IMAGE IN A NEW CHART option.Have fun!

    Questions                    Twisters


                                         24th PRIMARY SCHOOL OF ACHARNES ATHENS GREECE                                             

    Oleh Olzhych school 22, Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi


    Dear partners, Czech pupils created really fantastic board game about the Czech Republic.

    You can find the picture of it in materials, you can print it and play. You will also need cards with questions and possible answers in materials - files.

    Beacause eTwinning is about friendship and cooperation  pupils at first copy their own hands a colour them with different colours.  each hand should be one field of our game.

    Then we pasted all hands on a big piece of paper. 

    Now pupils thought about questions about the Czech republic. Then they wrote the questions and possible answers on PC.

    You can find all the question cards in materials.

    And finally pupils finished the whole game. We hope you like our game and it will be intersting for all of you.

    Enjoy playing Czech game.