About our cooperation

  • A few words about our cooperation

    I think we should remember about some things during working on our project. It's important to  cooperate and communicate. So, please read these suggestions and add yours if you have some.

    1. We try to check posts in the Project Journal and Teacher Bulletin as often as we are able to.

    2. We do not create our own pages or folders without discussing it. Folders and pages or subpages will be organised according to activities.

    3. We do all the activities on a regular basis. We are all aware of deadlines for every activity. Just keeping up is better than catching up.

    5. The more important thing in eTwinning projects is creating common materials. So, let's cooperate together!

    5. We often comment posts in the Project Journal written by our partners. Let's appreciate our work each other.

    6. We help our partners with activities, apps, programmes and so on and so forth.

    7.Last but not least, all the partners cooperate,communicate, participate in online meetings and chats, write posts and comments. Remember, we are a team.