• Kahoot





    You need two computer or a computer and a tablet.
    Put the first link into the address line of your browser and you will see the start - then click on play, then on start now, finally on classic and afterwards a numeral code appears. Put the second link in the address line of your tablet und fill in a nick name and the numeral code. Then you may start the play. The first computer shows you the questions and the tablet shows the answers. You may choose the correct answer by touching the screen of your tablet. Several partners may participate in a play and at the end there will be a winner with the most points.
    This quiz is an exercice for English verbs for handicrafts skills. 



    7. Mai 2018

    Lithuania Kaunas, Lithuania Kedainiai, Croatia,



    8. Mai 2018

    Germany - Estonia

    Lithuania - Kaunas