Introducing our schools and the kindergarten

  • Introducing our schools and the kindergarten



    This is a video about our School and Class. These children are taking part of the project.

    This video introduces Tartu Mart Reinik School. Music is made by Vesta Voltein. The film is a part of the project "Evidence-based New Approach - A New School Culture in Estonia (TULUKE)" funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) grant program "Risk Children and Young People"from the application round "Engagement and Interventions in the Education System.

    This is a poster of our school!

       Lithuania - Kaunas

    Our team consists of pupils who are in the 2 grade.

    2b and their teacher Rita Labanauskiene

    2a and their teacher Ramute Jaraitiene



     Lithuania Kedainiai kindergarten „Pasaka“

     Germany, Neumarkt i. d. OPf.

    The Theo-Betz Elementary School with the school agenda.

    Habitat school:
    We are respectful of each other around and adhere to the agreed rules.

    Free creativity:
    We rely on individual talents of teachers and students.

    Teaching quality:

    I can do it. I've learned about it. Together we create the most.


    Every child and every adult is different and unique. That is why we all deal each other with understanding.

    We see every child as a holistic personality. That is why learning with the heart, head and hand is in the focus.

    Full day as opportunity:
    Teachers and external partners accompany our children throughout the day with their high pedagogical quality through lessons and leisure time.

    External relations:
    We maintain an intensive dialogue with all for the education of the children important external partners to increase our professionalism.







    The wonderful excurtion into the school !