Internet rights


    Internet rights



    By Pupils up to the age of twelve is the legal guardians` consent for the use of the TwinSpace urgently recommended ( for pupils under the age of seven it is necessary).

    The legal guardian must effectively consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data for social networks, like the TwinSpace. Personal data are the first and last name, (e-mail) addresses, telephone numbers, also personal photos, family status or private interests.
    The blog area of the TwinSpace is public. Here is an increased awareness of possible infringements is indicated.

    Anyone who makes music pieces in the Twin Space available to other persons make them publicly accessible in the sense of copyright and therefore requires the consent of the rights holders.

    There are no longer any rights to the piece of music if composer and lyricist have died more than 70 years.

    OER materials can enrich the contents of the course or even a TwinSpace project in a variety of ways. The term OER stands for "Open Educational Resources". This means the free access, use and further development of free teaching and learning materials.

    There are also copyright holders who provide copyrighted materials free of charge. These Creative Commons licenses are based on 4 modules (CC BY 0 attribution, CC NC = no commercial use, CC ND = no processing, CC SA = distribution under the same conditions.
    If the teacher wants to use the work of the students online free of charge, the consent of the legal guardians is required. The best is to give concrete examples by the working in the project. As a rule, parents will have no problem to give their consent if they know that the pupils` works are published on school online offers or in school print publications.


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    Please agree, that you pay attention to these Internet rights.
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