• Croatia

    We have modeled and built the Vučedolian dove from clay in memory of all the victims of the Homeland War in Vukovar.



    The Vučedol's dove is the most famous pott

    ery vessel from archaeological excavations in Vučedol. Modeled in the form of a dove, it has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the town of Vukovar, near which lies Vučedol.






    Llicitar heart is the national symbol, traditional and indigenous Croatian souvenir.

    Licitar is a colorful decorated cake of a sweet dough that is traditionally produced in the central and part of Croatia. Once the dough has been molded into hand-made (wood) molds, today it is molded in tin-shaped molds and it is baked, colored with fruit colors (red, yellow, green, white) and adorned with sugar mixture and mirrors in form of heart, horse, bird, mushroom, wreath, etc

    The tradition of giving a licitar heart means that a young man shows his attachment and love to a girl. The mirror has a symbolic meaning. The look in the mirror means - knowing yourself.

    On November 15, 2010, the tradition of making a bid was entered on UNESCO's list of non-material world heritage in Europe.



    Wooden toys are recognized as a traditional product of northwest part of Croatia with a long history. In the 19th century, the peculiar craftsmanship of toys was developed in these places, which have remained in some places to this day.

    The way of making has been transferred from generation to generation and kept to date.
    Used material was a material from the immediate surroundings, willow, linden and maple that the handicraftsmen dry and after drying use wood or cardboard templates with special tools to cut and shape.

    Paint they were using were ecological. They usually used red, yellow or blue color and floral and geometric ornaments.

    The traditional production of children's toys is listed on UNESCO's list of world's intangible cultural heritage.



    Croatian roses


    We made wool birds


    We painted portraits of Croatian writers


    We recycled old papers and made baskets


    Embroideries of Croatian folk costumes

    Croatia has a rich culture in every part of it. Every part of Croatia is characterized by a different folk costume. The costumes differ in appearance and manner of use. Also, for each has a distinctive way of making using different embroideries.