Internal Dissemination of the project

  • by Elif BUYUKUYSAL


    We presented the project to our school! It was a great success!!!



    - Posted by Teresa Ferrarese, 07.06.2018

    During the school's annual presentation of projects, my students presented a homemade video about the SDG's

    - Posted by Manolis Georgoulakis, 27.05.2018


    I am sharing a video we created to disseminate the project in our school community

    - Posted by Maria Silva, 16.05.2018




    The high school of Gouves from Greece have created a padlet with powerpoint presentation of the SDG's. They will present them in front of the whole school next week!!

    Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

    - Posted by Manolis Georgoulakis, 15.05.2018



    Oral presentation practice to disseminate the project within school (Aniturri BHI)


    - Posted by Idoia Zapirain, 19.04.2018



    Today we had the first dissemination meeting with all the classes. We shared the results of our school survey on sugared drinks consumption and proposed the No Sugared Drinks Day, Calories Transplant to support SDGS 1 & 2: renounce to a sugared drink for 1 day to donate a cow to Ethiopia. HAPPY EASTER to you all -:)


    - Posted by Maria Teresa Rughi, 28.03.2018



    Italian students from Isis V corrado ( Castel Volturno ) Disseminating the project in our school !


    10 MAY, 2018  



    Italian students from IIS Mazzatinti present some of the Goals at school.


    Swedish students prepared oral presentations on the SDGs.

    - Posted by Georgia Wilhelmsson, 11.03.2018


    millennial lab 15-febbraio

    We are sharing one of our results for assignment 4. We will soon share more.

    - Posted by Maria Silva, 19.02.2018


    - Posted by Letizia Cherri, 18.02.2018


      IIS Vittorio Emanuele II Naples, Italy  

    Our students have created the talk show "La scuola in diretta" in order to present, reflect and disseminate the various cross-curricular activities about the Goal 5 Gender Equality of the eTwinning project "Be the change, take the Challenge". A student also has written a song on the topic of violence against women, which is the soundtrack of this video. This eTwinning project gave our students the opportunity to tackle a very hot topic, because unfortunately this problem has been experienced in some of their families.