• Objectives

    The objective of this project is for high school students and teachers to make international connections with peers and experts from all over the world and to improve their problem solving skills. As we all encounter problems every single day, it is important to know how to solve both easy and  complex problems. In this project, we aim to show our students how to define problems, how to generate evaluate, select and implement solutions. We believe that this skill will be one of the most important ones in the future workplaces.

    Upon completion of this project, students will:

    • develop an understanding of problem solving

    • identify the skills to participate in problem solving

    • better understand the SDG ( Sustainable Development Goals) and the challenges in achieving it

    • improve their writing, speaking and ICT skills

    • meet international students and become a part of a global community

    • participate in thought provoking Skype conversations and self –reflection activities that challenge students to investigate global problems

    • become competent users of ICT tools in education

    • gain a factual knowledge on global problems

    • learn to express themselves online

    • be challenged to share the information they learn

    Upon completion of this project, teachers will be able to:

    • connect with educators in other schools
    • build their knowledge to feel more confident to teach global content in their classrooms
    • design a global learning experience
    • develop activities around the SDGs
    • improve their ICT skills