Project Schedule

  • June/July/August 2017-Brainstorming/Building a website/ Finding right project partners/ Teachers complete Assignment 1

    September 2017-Task 1- Padlet- Getting to Know Each Other/ Skype sessions

    September 2017-April 2017-Skype sessions

    September 2017-Task 2- Infographs- Students create posters addressing problems of their own choice in their own countries/ communities

    October 2017-Task 3-Poll- Students choose problems that need to be solved now (using Tricider or other brainstorming software)

    Task 3a- Students create a 90 sec video using FlipGrid
    November 2017-Task 4-Students work in international teams and create their own blogs using WordPress or other blog sites

    Task 4a-Students choose one real problem that is of significant interest/International Groups

    December 2017-March 2018-students create presentations or posters using Google Slides or other software and post them on their blogs.

    Every presentation must include:

    a. A clear introduction and the specific problem selected

    b. A clear rationale for why this is a real problem

    c. Your group analysis should identify, develop, and answer the following:

    -Why this is a problem to your chosen community?

    -Who or what is being affected by the problem?

    -How big/systematic is this problem?

    -Why must we act now?A discussion of the many possible solutions that were identified for the selected problem
    Your solution should identify and develop the following (writing and speaking skills):

    a. Spell out a clear course of action and why you think it is the best course compared to other options

    b. Find experts who could share their expertise with you

    c. Indicate who should organize this effort and should be responsible for implementation

    d. Indicate what sort of funding and resources are required to solve the problem

    e. The use of sources adding credibility to your problem and presentation

    February 2018: Check list and evaluation are published

    March 2018-Task 6-Students choose the best final product

    April 2018-Task 7-Evaluation of the project

    May-June 2018 Dissemination of the project and planning a project for next year