Poland meeting

  • Fifth meeting: Poland

    19 March - 23 March

    The meeting began at school where the pupils welcomed us with traditional folk dances and songs show.

    There was also a presentation of "The Education System in Poland.

    During the week there were several workshops: Learning/Teaching/Training Activities :

    "Candy workshops": making traditional lollipops

    "City sightseeing"

    "Coffee workshops"

    "Getting to know old masurian legend - Watching "Topicha" performance at the Elk

    "Getting to know polish traditional folk clothes from different regions and watching performance of polish traditional dances 

    "Learning how to dance Polonez"

    "Mnemotechincs- Memory Techniques and Art of Memory"

    "Safety workshops performed by fire fighters- Getting to know to react in a case of a fire"

    "Chivarlic workshops"- Getting to know tradition and culture of Masurian region; history, clothes, cuisine- Watching hand -to-hand combat- Taking part in regional, medieval games and dances- Dancing Polozen- Common meal with traditional polish cuisine"

    "Teaching children cooperation- workshops- Art workshops - stork- the symbol of poland- Project evalutation"

    "Cooking classes at the local gastronomy school- preparing traditional polish meal - pierogi and dessert- Szarlotka"

    At the end of the week there was a goodbye dinner were we received the certificate of attendance.

    It was a positive experience.