Germany meeting

  • The name of school that welcomed us is "Leonardo Da Vinci" Comprehensive school  Hückelhoven Germany

    09.10.2017 - 13.10.2017


                             This is a work done by Luca who participated in mobility in Germany.

    The pupils were hosted in German families who had children attending school "Leonardo Da Vinci" 


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    Monday  started the first day of the meeting at school 

     “Welcome Programm” at School. 


    For Teachers:

    Presentation of Teachers

    Presentation of the weekly Programm

    Presentation of North Rhine Westphalia

    Presentation of the German School System

    Presentation of our school

    School tour 


    For students:

    Workshop 1:

    A group is doing something for our school
    Workshop 2:

    A group tinkers something they can take with them.


    Workshops for sports activities in sports hall:
    - Table Tennis Tournament
    - obstacle course
    - Soccer
    - basketball




    2 groups

    Workshop 1:

    scientific experiments

    Workshop 2:

    Housekeeping cooking

    The groups are changed the workshops


    Indoor playground

    “OkiDoki”-Land in city Willich 



    Workshop interactive museum “Odysseum” in city Cologne

    Cultural visit Cologne




    “SEA-LIFE” in city Oberhausen


    Cultural visit Düsseldorf 


    “Aquana Spaßbad” in city Würselen

    In the evening 

    Let`s Party!!!             Final greetings and the delivery of the participation certificates.


    It was an emotional moment to greet the families that had hosted the students because a very special friendship has been created from students to host families.


    All activities have been designed for the inclusion and socialization of the different student groups of the 7 participating nations: Poland, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy.

    The families who welcomed our students proved to be friendly and very welcoming, they were worried about asking if everything went well. Our students have made friends with the children of the host families and have stayed in touch.
    The experience lived in the family was certainly positive. The students worked in every possible way to communicate: online translator, vocabulary, gestures ... They lived, even if for a short time, the family life of a people with a culture different. In addition, they have been in contact with the groups of the six nations and have been able to listen to languages ​​different from their own.
    It was not just a period when the boys made friends and they were confronted with different ways of teaching and living, but it was above all an opportunity to get out of the family and take more autonomy: prepare the suitcase, settle the backpack every morning, ...