Growing up vegetables 2016/2017

  • Workshop: growing plants


    The fifth grade pupils of Primary School of Canzo, of the Comprehensive Institute of Asso, Como, Italy, were involved in a didactic workshop: creating a vegetable garden.

    Before leaving, they attended a botanical lesson held by an expert, to understand what to plant and when.


    After they sowed some vegetables.


    While they waited for the seedlings  to grow up, they prepared flower beds used as a border.


    They have stuck the earth and releasing it from the weeds.


    They added a little fertilized land and then planted peas, radishes, beans and heaps.

    They took care of the seedlings, watered them and in the end with great satisfaction they picked up the vegetables.


    They have had a wonderful experience where they have enjoyed, learned to love the "Earth". They enjoyed working outdoors, though tiring. They worked together to create a common project.