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  • ROMANIA, Bucharest


    Bucharest is my Sweet Second Homeland


    Bucharest is my sweet second homeland

    And for everyone it’s an attractive vacationland

    The most famous building is the Palace of Parliament

    And you probably have there much excitement

    In our parks, you can enjoy the nature

    And make your visit an unforgettable adventure

    You can eat the special plate “Mamaliga”

    And it’s certain you’ll forget the game of Euroleagua

    If you come in winter to România

    Be careful not to catch pneumonia

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon

    And we’ll be so happy from here to the moon


    POLAND, Pobiedziska

    Visit Pobiedziska


    Visit our beautiful market

    and for sure you will like it!

    See Lech, Czech and Rus fountain

    and medieval church you can come in.


    There’s a modern stadium near the lake

    where Huragan footballers with pleasure play.

    Take a boat and have some relax

    or find in a forest new, interesting tracks.


    Our school is also a special place

    because no time here is waste.

    Kazimierz Odnowiciel watches from his statue,

    and softly whispers: we’re waiting for you…

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    - The poem   

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Come to Thessaloniki, our lovely city!

    In the north of Greece, at the top of Greece!

    You can eat souvlaki, you can dance syrtaki

    listen to bouzouki, eat koulouri, not a cookie.

    You can see the sea,

    the White Tower you can see,                        

    Saint Demetrius church, and Galerius arch.

    Museums, ancient places,

    restaurants and shops,

    the harbor and the squares, you’ll enjoy the most!

    Come to Thessaloniki, our lovely city,

    In the north of Greece, at the top of Greece!

    (the White Tower)

    - The settings  


    Portugal, Marco de Canaveses



                                  İstanbul ,İstanbul  wonderful İstanbul

                                     The civilizations city,İstanbul

                                     The cultural centre and the heart of Turkey

                                    The host of many civilizations during the history

                                     It is a bridge opened to Europe

                                     The Square ,Galata Tower, three bridges and seven hills

                                     And the  Grand bazaar with its delicious tastes

                                     İstanbul ,İstanbul  wonderful İstanbul

                                     Go to the Topkapı Palace ,the eye’s pupil of  history

                                     Visit Hagia Sophia  and  Sultan Ahmet Mosque

                                     See the Maiden’s Tower and the blue water 

                                     Taste delicious Ottoman period meals and Kebab

                                     İstanbul ,İstanbul  wonderful İstanbul

                                     The civilizations city,İstanbul

                                     Come and drink Turkish coffee and ayran

                                     Be happy and feel yourself  at your hometown



    Prienai is famous for its unique nature,

    The Nemunas river is Lithuania‘s greatest.

    Glider championships are held every year,

    Huge green forests along the river appear.

    The Greimas bridge connects two ancient lands.

    The  knight Kestutis in Prienai proudly stands.

    Welcome to Prienai!

    Welcome to Prienai!

    Welcome to Prienai!