A1 European Day of Languages 2017

  • European Day of Languages 2017 - celebrations in Lithuania (Prienų „Revuonos“ basic school)

    Pupils had a video conference with Greek school. Before they had prepared flags and posters.


    European Day of Languages 2017 [EDL] - celebrations in Portugal

    Pupils were invited to research information about the partners' countries and insert the findings in a shareable excel file: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JgzCt59-nchzhKVOCIuiKUc96yT6Vydeb9GHeeo9X-4/edit#gid=0

    They were also challenged to find about the countries flags and colour eTwinning templates with the relevant colours! Great fun!!!


    Polish school met her Turkish partner on videoconference on European Day of Languages 


    European Day of Languages - celebrations in TURKEY

    Pupils prepared posters  about our partnerships( tourst attractions, culture,  food etc,) and  gave information about the project and the partners to the other students.

    And also Turkish school met Spanish and  Polish partner on a videoconverence on European Day of Languages


    And of course , Turkish students spoke with Spanish and Polish students. 

    They were so excited in these pictures.


    European Day of Languages 2017 [EDL] - celebrations in Spain.

    Pupils researched information about all the partner's countries, we coloured flags, etc. We spoke with some of our partners through videoconference and had a great fun playing with some of the games and activities proposed by the Council of Europe. We even participated in an European Challenge.