• Time to interview your team-mates about the topics of your choice!


    Your objective is to collect some information in order to create a radio programme later.



    In your radio programme, you will present a topic and illustrate it with the information collected during your discussions with your team-mates.




    A few tips:


    •  the questions you ask should require personal non-googleable answers, they should be about your partners' opinions / feelings / personal experience: what do you think of…? How do you feel about?..? have you ever...? What do you do…? You are looking for information that you could not find on the internet or study at school. This will make your radio programme unique!

    Check out this video to know what a non googleable question is.


    • to give coherence to your collaborative radio programme, try to choose a general topic together first, then each group within the team can deal with a specific angle / aspect of that topic

    -----> will you talk about: arts (music, performing arts, festivals, photography, books, ...)? sports? cultures (legends, clichés, role models, ....)? lifestyles (traditions, school, family & friends...)? places (your cities, your countries, travelling...)? poli


    How to proceed?


    Interviews can be conducted and answers collected using various tools:


    - you can create a questionnaire using surveymonkey, google docs, ...


    - you can ask your partners open-ended questions on your team's padlet or on a collaborative writing pad


    - you can ask your partners to record an answer to a question using audioboom, or vocaroo

    (then you can include part of it in your radio programme)


    Communicate clearly with your team-mates: tell them what you expect them to do and how you expect them to answer your questions. Use your team's forum for that purpose.


    Copy-past the links to any questionnaire / pad / etc. on your team's padlet for your partners to find it easily.


    Don't ask too many questions at once: start with just a few, then ask some more if you need more details. Your partners, like you, are students and have limited time! :-)


    Be considerate: answer your partners' questions as soon as you can in order not to delay their work.



    Good luck!