• Your aim is to create and record collaborative radio programmes in international teams.

    How? You will choose a topic and interview your team-mates about it to learn about their opinion / feelings / personal experience on this subject. Then you will use the answers collected to create a radio script.

    Let's agree on vocabulary for this project: a GROUP is national, a TEAM is international (students from 4 countries).

    Step 1: introduce your national group here. Mention all your first names clearly and give your groupĀ a name. There should be 8 groups in each country.

    Your presentation should say what makes your group special and unique, and help like-minded people find you! You can add a picture if you like. You should also mention what you are interested in working on for your radio programme.

    Step 2: team up to create 8 international teams. Each team will be composed of 4 national groups (an Irish group, a Polish group, a Dutch group and a French group)

    Have you found some potential partners on the padlet below? Like-minded people you'd like to collaborate with? Tell them so by adding a comment under their post!

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