• Create and choose a logo that will be the public image of your project on the net!

    Which is the best logo for our project Nosy Neighbours?
    To give you some ideas about what a logo is, take a look at the first idea suggested by your teachers, which was designed using the LogoFactory App (http://www.logofactoryweb.com/). You can use other tools of course. And even better: if you are talented, design it yourself! Think about the objectives of the project to design the most appropriate logo.

    1. Add your logo, and in the description explain the meaning of the image included. Click here to insert your logo. Don't forget to mention your first name!

    If you have difficulties uploading your logo, upload it to the "Materials" section in the "Logo" folder and ask your teacher to add it on the Tricider.

    If asked to sign in to Tricider, just click on "no, thanks".

    2. Then give arguments for the logos you like best, explain why we should vote for them (in the middle column). Always mention your first name (no need for your last name)!

    3. Finally, in February we will vote for the project logo - BUT PLEASE WAIT TILL FEBRUARY so that everyone has time to suggest their ideas and give their arguments! Thanks!