• This page contains quality feedback given by our national agencies and E-twinning on how to improve our project & platform. 

    France: English translation of the E-twinning email awarding the quality label:

    Dear KARIN LOPEZ (Montmajour High School),

    Congratulations! Your SustainMe project has been awarded the quality label.

    The Erasmus+ SustainMe project carried out by 5 countries on the theme of sustainable economy has enabled your high school students to reflect on their consumption patterns. Your students enjoyed working and meeting their partners during the three field trips. Many activities took place, they invented and voted for a logo, presented the results of their research, interviewed different people related to the topics studied, attended conferences. Productions made it possible to highlight all these activities: photos, videos, magazines, website,...  Here are a few tips for your next projects: to further strengthen this cooperative work, students could have better appropriated Twinspace, for example, they could have uploaded the photos on the TS themselves, initiated discussions between visits by creating discussion forums. Some enrolled students never logged in to TwinSpace. Your Twinspace would gain visibility if it were better organized and you put in public mode at least those pages that describe the project and your website. If you need help to use eTwinning effectively in your future projects here is an interesting link With our encouragement. We grant you the quality label.

    For more information, please contact your National Helpdesk.

    Yours sincerely,
    eTwinnin Team

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    France: Translation of letter received with feedback following the intermediairy report 

    Madame, Monsieur,
    Your online interim report submitted on MobilityTool+ on 11/07/2017 has been approved by our services.
    The "Sustain. me" project, in which the Montmajour high school participates, brings together four other schools (German, Belgian, Italian and Spanish), and aims to raise awareness of sustainable development among students under its various aspects (food, waste, renewable energy, clothing and architecture).
    For this 22-month project, the amount of the subsidy allocated to your institution is €19,130. It covers the budget items dedicated to "Implementation and project management" (5 500€),"Transnational Meetings" (1150 €) and learning activities (12 480 €).
    The information provided in the interim report provides satisfactory guarantees in terms of progress, consistency of activities carried out, conformity of the project with the funded proposal. 
    Your school welcomed its partners at C1 and participated in C2 in February 2017 and C3. It is regrettable, however, that learning activities are not described: Section 8. The report, which automatically takes over the application data, should be updated at the report stage, appendices
    could be attached to the report. It will be essential to describe these activities in the final report and to Provide an appended program and/or daily report of the project's learning activities (as well as Transnational Meetings). This type of document allows the Agency to validate both Eligibility aspects (duration of the activity, for example) and relevance of the activities carried out.
    The transnational meeting is scheduled for 2018. 

    The budget statement of 70.83% of the Erasmus subsidy awarded shows an excess on the Learning Activities item, C2 and C3, with 8 participants declared for each activity (but an application for funding for 7 of them), which does not raise any eligibility concerns but asks the question of how many participants your institution will have planned for C4 and C5. (Karin: "I had asked funding for each participant, instead of 3+1")
    It should be remembered that these two activities are to be carried out as described in the original proposal, with the adequate means.
    We wish you well for the continuation of your project, which will be marked by two important meetings Italy and Belgium.
    Reminder:The final report must be submitted no later than 31/08/2018.
    This report must be submitted separately by each partner organisation, and must be completed in French. It reports on the respective activities of all project partners. The coordinating establishment in Germany provides its agency with a more detailed report, on the overall nature of the project and the contributions of each partner to its successful implementation. Thus the coordinator's final report follows a different questioning grid than that of the partners.The overall project marking will be delivered by the Agency of the coordinating country.
    With all our thanks for your involvement in the European programmes for education and training, we would like to thank you for your support.
    and all our best wishes for success in your activities.
    Laure Coudret-Lautre

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