Our project, is a collaborated endeavour put together by a group of teachers from Arles, De Panne, Hamburg, Rome and Seville to deal with the issue of sustainability.

***SUSTAINABLE TOURISM - awareness campaign***

Final task: Sustainable tourism campaign (instructions)

Alone or in pairs, create a video, brochure, collage, poster, podcast, animated slideshow, cartoon or skit about sustainable tourism:


Goal: make teenagers and young adults think about sustainability while travelling

  • advantages (justify)

  • give examples of apps & organisations (Big Apple Greeters, Couchsurfing,, etc…)

  • find or create pictures to illustrate

  • find an appropriate slogan for your campaign

  • make it look as “real” as possible!


Some ideas:

  • before / after (as in losing weight)

  • the do’s and dont’s of sustainable tourism

  • be creative!


Your work will be presented at the Erasmus+ meeting in Rome in November.

Deadline: Thursday, October 19th 2017


Some examples of videos made by the students:

Some examples of posters & leaflets:



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