• In this page we are going to show the outcomes of our  project Erasmus+ Geoparks.



    In this link you will find the outcomes of the Experimental High School of Mytilene in Lesbos, Greece:

    - Geotale: A fairy tale describing the genesis of the petrified forest and that of the island of Nisiopi. The geological aspect is presented simplified for the sake of a young reader.

    - Interactive games with multiple exercises (crosswords, mixed up sentences, quiz, puzzles, etc) based on the geology, ecology and culture of the island of Lesvos.

    - An application for tablets and smartphones. Its purpose is to serve as a digital guide to visitors of the park area of the Petrified Forest in Sigri.


    The main outcomes of Agrupamento de Escolas de Arouca are the following:

    - Leaflet of a guided route for children in the Arouca Geopark;

    - Compilation of recipes related to Arouca Geopark.



    - In this link you can find a Bird's Eye View Flying video of Yeguamea and Manapites Spring

    - Leaflets of Yeguamea Waterfall and Manapites Spring in Spanish, English and French

    - Audioguide of Yeguamea Waterfall and Manapites Spring in Spanish, English and Frech.


    - Field Notebook of Yeguamea Waterfall and Manapites Spring route

    - Cronostratigraphic column of Las Loras Geopark and a questionnaire:

    - Free time company in Las Loras Geopark




    - Land Art in UNESCO Haute-Provence Geopark:

    - Free-time company in Haute-Provence Geopark: