Education creates smiles

Happiness in education must be integrated in the curriculum and in the different subjects in Europe. A team of teachers would like to promote it! The recipe is quite easy: communication, colaboration, project based learning, ICT, nature and wonderful classes and teachers. Children need to exchange, need to know that they can work together with oth...

Art: Franz Marc

Franz Marc is the proposal about a German Artist by Indira from Wittenberge. If Modigliani and Picasso were focus on portraits, Franz Marc  is famous because of the expressionism and his paintings about animals. He really had a good theory about the colours and the emotions, and this is what we want to share to our students. 

So after watching this video about the painter, we got really good results :-)

3rd graders children at San Miguel Primary schools got these creations. As you can see they have wonderful colours in a world of fantasy.












The Italian Pupils in 2 CD Don Saverio Valerio- Gravina in Puglia(BA) liked so much to draw animals from the German painter Franz Marc.


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