Education creates smiles

Happiness in education must be integrated in the curriculum and in the different subjects in Europe. A team of teachers would like to promote it! The recipe is quite easy: communication, colaboration, project based learning, ICT, nature and wonderful classes and teachers. Children need to exchange, need to know that they can work together with oth...

Project Journal

  • Glad to see our Spanish colleagues in this wonderful Montessori School in Wittenberge. Thanks for sharing your experiences in the blog of our KA1 'Edtech and Clil create smiles':

    - Posted by CARMEN YOLANDA EGEA BERNET, 28.02.2017

  • Art in Europe, what an experience. Really good artist. Just let me share this video about Picasso for your classses.

    - Posted by CARMEN YOLANDA EGEA BERNET, 18.02.2017

  • Hello friends!!! We are creating and drawing Modigliani pictures in our Art Classes!!

    - Posted by carmen esther ruiz martínez, 10.02.2017

  • Hello European friends! Postcards for you are ready!!!! 2° CD. " Don Saverio Valerio- Gravina in Puglia
    - Posted by Rosalia Petrocelli, 15.12.2016

  • Hello friends. my classroom have prepaired some beautiful Christmas Cards, we are going to send you. We have prepaired a video about the elaboration. We hope you enjoy it. Esther. San Miguel School.
    - Posted by carmen esther ruiz martínez, 09.12.2016