Art: Picasso

  • Picasso is the Spanish proposal for all the schools in this project.  The idea is to offer different techniques and ways to live the art in the classes. This is a good video to use in the classroom with your kids to learn about this painter:

    Picasso was born in Malaga, a city very close to Granada and he developed the cubism and how to work with colours in a different way. Each country is using a different methodology to grow together . The ideas is that the children create, create , create...

    Grundschule "Geschwister Scholl" from Wittenberge, Germany, had a very interesting way to work art. The idea was to create around the background of Picasso's portraits. Really cool!











    However, we also wanted to innovate and combine ICT and video creations using the Mannequin Challenge technique. These were the results from San Miguel Primary School from Armilla, Spain.

    These are the works about the Spanish artist from Don S. Valerio

    Primary School-Gravina in Puglia(BA)