Nature: Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia

    The National Park of Alta Murgia (PnAM), established in 2004, is a protected natural area located in Puglia, in the provinces of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani. Among the main attractions of the park deserves to be counted Castel del Monte, one of the most famous castles of the entire southern part of Italy. Very interesting are the Forest Mercadante in the territory of Cassano Murge, whose extension is about 1800 ha, the Pulo of Altamura, representing the largest karst valley of the territory, and the valley of the dinosaurs, always in the territory Altamura. Other sights are the Ravine, typical karst landforms of the Murgia and the Bosco Difesa Grande in the territory of Gravina di Puglia, a large forest resources of more than 3000 hectares and representing one of the biggest forest complexes in Puglia. The"jazzi " are rock buildings used during periods of transhumance, particularly frequent in the territory of Andria, Gravina, Ruvo, Minervino and Spinazzola.

    San Miguel School in Armilla (Spain)


    Thanks Lia for this wonderful information about your National Park in Alta Murgia. This is my students research about your National Park for the display in Armilla (Spain) - You can use Google Translator to read it. 

    After this, we have created a display at school about it. Children has learnt a lot form this Italian National Park:


    In 2° Cd " Don Saverio Valerio" pupils and teacher created a big ecosystem about the area where they live: Murgia. They observed plants, insects and how the special land is.