What is this project about?

  • We want to teach our students to lead a balanced life to develop healthy attitudes and behaviours
    We want to develop our students' sense of respect to nature and to be more active to protect it.

    1. From October 2016 to June 2017 the Travelling book eTwinning tree - from our previous project-will continue its journey.

    2. In November every school will create presentation about protected animals and plants in their country

    3. In November there will be Photo Contest - My pets
    4. In December- Christmas online meetings between the partners and creation online of Christmas decoration

    5. From October 2016 to June 2017 - there will be chain team creation of stories about Squirrel Beauty.

    It will be Cooperative team creation tasks.
    This time we will create a book with the main character the Squirrel Beauty. The book will contain different stories created by our students.

    How will it work? 

    All partners will be assigned in different teams of 4 partners. 

    In every team:
    The first school will begin the story about the Squirrel Beauty. Then the second school will continue the story to its end.Then the third school will illustrate the story.The fourth school will dramatise it and film it.The partner who starts the story will be the leader of the team.

    Every team will use buncee (https://www.edu.buncee.com/to create their story.

    Every partner will be included in  4 different teams and will pass through each role- leader, creator, illustrator, dramatizer.
    In the end all stories will be collected again in a book- online and printed version- this is the trademark of our team.

    The subject of the stories is Health and Nature. The Squirrel Beauty is our main character and she will travel around Europe. The students can create stories about what happened once in the forest; what happened once in the forest school; what advice Squirrel Beauty gave to her friends who are arguing and fighting; how the Squirrel Beauty helped to a rabbit who was ill and so on.

    The Chain creation will going in this way:
    1. The lead partner who starts the story is responcible to open
    buncee and to fill in it the beginning the story.
    2. The lead partner ha sto upload the created buncee in the
    twinspace in the relevant for the stiry creation page UNDER  the place where is written the relevant  TEAM NUMBER.
    3. The second partner in each team will see the beginning of the story and will continue it and end it.The word file with the second part of the story has to be sent to the leader of the team to be uploaded in the buncee.
    4. Word file  with the entire story has to be uploaded in the relevant folder for the relevant team in section Matrerials- Files
    5.The third partner will see the story in the uploaded
    buncee in the project twin space and weill illustrate the story. JPEG files of the
    illustrations the third partner has to send to the leader of the team AND UPLOAD the in the section Materilas  in the relevant for your team folder- images together with images of drawing the illustrations
    6. The Forth partner will see the story of his team in the uploaded 
    buncee and will dramatize it and film  the dramatisation. The movie has to be uploaded in youtube.Then the link has to be sent to the leader of the team to be uploaded in the buncee. The Foth partner has to upload the link of you tube with his dramatisation in section Materials - videos in the relevant for the team folder together with images made during the dramatisation and its preparation
    7. The leader and the second partners can upload in section Materials - images - photos from their team work of creation , writing the story partners teams will create. 
    6.Creation of e-book with all stories about Squirrel Beauty in June 2017