Health and Nature

With this project we want to develop our students' healthy attitudes and respect to nature. The students will investigate and describe endangered animals and plants in their region. Photo contest “My pets ” will be organized.The partners will have online workshops.The stories about Squirrel Beauty will be created in chain story line. Every ...

Project Journal

  • Proud to be a member of such a great team!. Thank you Natasha for all your ideas and wonderful work!

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    - Posted by Fina Vendrell Vila, 25.11.2017

  • The books created by our team since 2010 to 2017 now are already 7 !


    - Posted by Natasha Djurkova, 18.11.2017

  • and the printed version of our book Health and Nature

    - Posted by Natasha Djurkova, 18.11.2017

  • - Posted by Natasha Djurkova, 18.11.2017

  • European Quality Label

    European quality label-1.jpg

    - Posted by Ghionul Gogoasa-Gelal, 08.11.2017