Introduce yourself(teachers)

  •    I am happy to work with you! ETwinning projects are always exciting!



    Hi, my name is Danuta /Danka/. I am from PoznaƄ in Poland. I am certified teacher and I teach in primary school. My pupils /students/ are 6-10 years old. I am in eTwinning registered on 15.09.2007. My projects have received National and European Quality Labels. I was at the eTwinning Conference in Seville. I was an ambassador of the eTwinning program in Greater Poland in the years 2010 - 2014. I'm glad I get to know new and interesting people. I greet the teachers and all participants of eTwinning… :) I do not teach English.


    I am Suzan Özkadam. I am from Kastamonu, a city in the northern part of Turkey by the Black Sea. I teach in a secondary school to students between 10-15 years old. I have a daughter and a son, 2,5 years old and 11 months old, respectively. For the time being, I do not have any free time to do hobbies for pleasure as my kids are very young. Therefore, working in projects is the only way of taking pleasure.

          My name is Raúl Santos. I am a primary teacher from Spain in a Bilingual school in San Crsitobal de Segovia, a village near Segovia. Segovia is a beautifull City near Madrid,the caiptal of Spain. Mi school is bilingual means that our students study Social Scine, Natural Science, arts and Crafs in English. We would like to join your proyect . I am happy to start this project with all of you!Thanks in advance.

        You can contact me in this email: I´m looking forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes Raúl Santos

                                   Hello from Bulgaria!

        My name is Rangel Pantaleev.

         I have been working as a primary teacher in two schools: 137 SOU “Angel Kanchev , Sofia and in a school in a prison(OU s PTU pri ZO, Kazichene,)where I teach the same primary school subjects to citizens deprived of freedom. I have participated in many successfull eTwinning projects.


    Hello everyone,
    my name is Cira and I am Italian. I teach computer science at a primary school in Herculaneum - Italy. I love photography and graphics. I like listening to music and walking by the sea.
    I am very happy to meet you all, and to cooperate with you in this project.
    Happy New Year to all


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Francesca Borrelli :-)

    I am a primary school teacher from Italy.

    I love the sea very much and I like swimming.

    I like spaghetti and......eTwinning too.



    C.E.I.P. Marqués del Arco, San Cristóbal de Segovia

    I am a motivated teacher who loves learning and teaching foreign languages. After working abroad for some years I decided to teach in Spanish primary schools because it is very rewarding to see how children learn. Although I am working in Segovia, I was born in Valladolid. This experience in eTwinning is new and very challenging. It is great to feel that Europe is much more than a group of countries next to each other and that we can draw tighter bonds and work together for a common aim.

              Hi, my name is Marina. I am from Plovdiv, it’s one of the biggest towns in Bulgaria. I am a primary teacher. I like working with kids and making beautiful crafts. I love climbing in the mountains and I am interested in yoga. This is my first project and I am happy to start working with all of you.



    Hello! My  name is Anka Petrova . I am a teacher of English at 137  Secondary School, Sofia. I am Irena’s colleague and a new etwinner.  I like your project very much! It’s pleasure to browse your pages because your photos and videos are so inspiring. Congratulations!

    This is my Hello song, I hope it'll be yours, too.