Artists Meeting point

  • "Artists Meeting point" is an activity in which students communicate and collaborate by drawing on the online canavs (whiteboard).

    On the online canvases (each team makes 1-2 canvases), there is one fragment of a work of art on each. The fragment serves as the initial motivation (impulse) to which students respond by drawing. Students themselves, or in agreement with the teacher, choose one or two canvases on which to draw / create. With the contribution of students, the drawing expands and other students can react to the newly created drawing and ideas of students from other schools with their drawing. It is possible that students from different schools work on the same canvas at the same time and thus communicate more directly by drawing.

    In addition to drawing, students can communicate by leaving comments and notes on the canvas.

    Upon completion of the drawing, students can write in notes when they worked on the canvas (e.g., Maja was working on this canavs 4.5.2022 at 8:00 AM).

    Also, on an online calendar the teacher can write when his students will draw in the app so that students from other schools can join them at the same time (if they can at the time).

    The tool we use is Miro (, which is free and easy to use.