3. Language Games


    - Each international group will make 2 games using the app Wordwall.

    Wordwall template options:

    1) Gameshow quiz

    2) Find the Match

    Games will have around 10 questions each.

    - You have a thread in the forum for you to communicate with your group mates.

    - Each group has a Google Doc where students can add the information for the games.

    - There are links to web pages and videos about your specific topic within your group. Study the information, and post your findings in the forum to see if other students agree, before writing in the Google Doc.

    - One student from each school will be responsible for writing in the Google Doc, gathering the information from the rest.

    - When pictures are required for the games, remind the students the correct use of rights and web pages where to find them (page about eSafety).

    - Each administrator monitors the creation of the games by some students in the group.



    1. Biodiversity (animals): Anna

    2. Biodiversity (plants): Elisabet

    3. Waves and curents: Maria Rosaria

    4. Climate and oceans: Rosella

    5. Geographical features: Isidoro

    6. Threats to the ocean: Rosaria