Oceans cover 72% of the Earth, so they are the largest ecosystem on the planet. Without them, life wouldn’t exist. Home to a great diversity of marine life and an important source of food, they regulate the Earth’s temperature. But they are also a beautiful natural environment, providing well-being to humans. As marine biologist Wallace Nichols described, the sea is “a trigger telling your brain you’re in the right place”. But climate change, pollution, plastics and overfishing make it extremely vulnerable. We will reflect on its threats and talk to and learn from people who work to protect and conserve the oceans. We count on CORI (Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute), a non- profit organisation which will help us actively in the development of the project. Our aim is to learn about the ocean condition and threats and contribute to raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Life below Water):“Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources"

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