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    Why Should I Care About Copyright? (NatGeo: Autopsy of a T. Rex)



    Permission Not Required—The Limitations of Copyright: Facts & Ideas, Fair Use, and Time (Public Domain)



  • You have learned about the copyright in this project. Now you have following situation: You need pictures for a school project. Do you make a copyright infringement, if you use self-create video/photo for your project?
    17 votes (60.71%)
    may be
    7 votes (25.00%)
    4 votes (14.29%)
  • Regarding copyright. Write here what are we allowed to do and what not!

    Lisa (DE)

    I can not use pictures from Webseite for my school projects.


    I can not copy picture from google

    Emilia (A)

    I can not use pictures from Google for a project.


    I can't use pictures from the internet.

    Sandro (A)

    I can use pictures which I took by my own.

    Marvin (A)

    I can't use picture from a other website when it's not my.

    Lukas (A)

    I can't publish other things in the internet.

    Lea (A)

    I'm not allowed to take photos of anyone without their permission

    Lea (A)

    I can't take photos from the internet without permission.

    Lena (A)

    I have to ask the originator first if I can use his/her work.

    Aileen (A)

    I can not take pictures if the person doesn't want to

    mikaela (IRE)

    i can use my own photo

    Kelan (IR)

    We are not allowed to use work that is not ours.


    I can not copy picture from google


    i can't take photos of others on that allow


    I can't use pictures from the internet.


    source information should always be taken

    Parima (de)

    I can‘t publish other things in the from Internet


    we can take something from google if we use sources