Kitty Perry and the copyright lessons

  • Kitty Perry and the copyright lessons



    1.- Read the text about Kitty Perry

    2.- Watch the video about the copyright lessons

    3.- Make the challenge


    About Kitty Perry

    Here you learn  about copyright infringement on the internet.

    The five-minute cartoons tell the story of would-be pop star Nancy, a French bulldog, who battles her ideas-stealing, feline nemesis, Kitty Perry, and teaches friends, including Justin Beaver and a rather dim Welsh sheep called Ed Shearling, about the importance of choosing an original band name and registering it as a trademark.

    Most of the lessons are delivered by Nancy's sharp-suited but avuncular manager, Big Joe.

    The Intellectual Property Office is leading the government's efforts to crack down on internet piracy and protect the revenues of Britain's creative industries.

    The government agency is spending £20,000 of its own money on the latest Nancy campaign, which is part-funded by the UK music industry.


    For German an Spanish students


    You can translate the subtitles in your language


    Hello, this is Alicia from Germany! 

    Here you will learn why it is not allowed to use copyright material on the internet.  

    1.- Click on the link.

    2.- If you want to translate the subtitle of  the video in your language. You have to go to     

         the setting.

    3.- The settings tool ist at the bottom right site of the video

    4.- Click on "the subtitle" and dann "language translation"

    5.- Choose your language