1. A few words about the project and our website




    We expect students to find companies which act as active citizens solving problems as far as sustainable development is concerned. These companies respect their environment and people.
    Each group will chose a company and one topic. they will study it, share their results and try to modelize the ideal active citizen company.
    benefits attended :
    - improving english
    - learn about what companies should do and practise
    - learn how to find information (survey, newspaper...)


    - september / october : introduction activities using interactive pictures, Padlet, Voki´s, voting tools
    - november/december : work with topic generally - mind map, google slides, word cloud
    - january/february: research information (surveys, internet, newspaper...), 
    - march/april/may: each team will prepare presentation of responsible company using infografics, slides ...
    - september/october 2017 : practical activities organised by students concerning active citizen companies for them
    - november/december/january/february 2017/2018: working on an ebook / interactive map of an ideal company
    - march 2018 : evaluation using surveys


    We expect to create:
    - twinspace : pages, project journal
    - e book realized together
    - interactive map of the ideal active citizen company using thinglink