The main problem we want to study is sustainable development. We want to show that companies have to be responsible. We want to show that companies and their actions toward different areas : human resources, transport, communication, customers, suppliers

Project Journal

  • We belong to the winners of our national competition ! Thank you for being and working with us!


    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 02.07.2018

  • Do you want to have a close look at the survey results? They are shown in the following presentation.

    - Posted by Evangelia Triantafyllou, 31.05.2018

  • Great news - we are the champions !!! ETwinning Quality Label from Slovak NSS for our project - you are the best !!!


    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 31.05.2018

  • Results of your student´s project evaluation:

    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 31.05.2018

  • Your advices for companies in new visual:

    yourworld,yourway. (3).jpg

    yourworld,yourway. (2).jpg

    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 15.05.2018