Activity 4 - The ideal sustainable city




    Name of the activity: ACTIVITY 4:  The ideal sustainable city

    • Aims:
      • To interact with people from other countries using English for communication.
      • To live a real use of the English language.
      • To get started in the use of some digital instruments.
      • To improve creativity
      • To cooperate with partners
      • To think about the need of sustainability
      • To reflect about how to take care of our planet
    • Contents:
    • Socially established rules of greeting.
    • Some objects and technological resources: computer, tablet, etc.
    • Techniques of plastic expression in digital format.
    • Linguistic resources: agreements and disagreements, hypotheses and speculations, opinions and advice, persuasion and warning.
    • Sustainable elements we can use to take care of our planet.
    • Tools: Padlet, forums, City Creator, etc.
    • Description of the activity: Again through Miro or padlet, in a collaborative way and agreeing through the forums, each group will devise a part of the ideal sustainable city.

    Thanks to technology we will make a collaborative drawing of our city.

    The different points of the city that the students will work on are:

    1. Transportation

    2. Lighting

    3. Recycling

    4. Gardens and green areas

    5. Houses


    1. Picture of the element
    2. Name of the element: in case of building the student can name the building. In case of lighting, for example, they can name the street.
    3. Materials used to build it
    4. Functionality
    5. Why does it help to build a sustainable city?


    Deadline: 2nd May 2022